Jon Drews is a software engineer from Atlanta. He started photography in 2002 and has been fully engrossed in the art ever since.
Photographer Friends:
Ariel Bravy
Robert Combier
Chris Gooley
Blake Israel
Jamie Howell
Jason Ossey
Amanda Thomas
Ethan Trewhitt
Andrew Saulters
Michael Schneider

Purchasing Prints:
If you are interested in purchasing prints of any images displayed on this site, either in the gallery or in the blog, that can easily be arranged. The majority of images on this site cannot exceed a print size of 16" by 20" (approx.) which would run for $35 in either matte or glossy form. All prints are made on Fujifilm photographic paper in a professional photolab. Smaller sizes can be printed as well for a reasonably cheaper price. I will ship worldwide. Shipping prices willbe determined upon notification of destination. The above price does not include shipping.
Due to the nature of on screen imaging versus printed imaging, there maybe discrepancies between the image on the screen and the image that comes out on paper. If this is the case, I will notify you before mailing it.
Please use the feedback form to make your print requests. Make sure to include the name and size of the image, and indicate glossy or matte.Names for images in the gallery are located below the thumbnails.

Purchasing Digital Files:
To request a large digital file of any image on this website, please use the feedback form and we can work out licensing and pricing.

If you have any other questions or comments, please feel free to contact me via the feedback form..

If you're curious about what I shoot with click here.

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